Acquisitions and Financing

BDC Real Estate Investments

Acquisitions and Financing

Over its more than 30 years in business, BPM Real Estate Group and its affiliates have undertaken over $1 billion of acquisitions and financing on behalf of the firm and its principal, Walter C. Bowen. 

To date the firm has focused its acquisitions in three sectors including senior housing facilities, apartment (market rate) complexes and office buildings.  The purchase price of the buildings acquired by the firm have typically ranged between $10 million to $50 million and are all considered Class A buildings that are in superior locations. 

The average senior housing acquisitions have focused on 100 – 200 units in size in markets with superior demographics, while apartment acquisitions have included complexes with 50 to 350 units with a focus on being best of show in their respective markets. 

In terms of financing, the firm’s real estate portfolio has utilized a diverse array of lenders including HUD, Fannie and Freddie for its stabilized properties, while also utilizing life companies and more traditional bank financing for its other properties.